At the heart of Interwood’s success is its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Lahore. This 600,000 sqft. purpose-built facility is a marvel of modern-day manufacturing featuring over 300 of Europe’s most advanced machines. This includes fully-automated, digitally driven robotic machinery such as the robotic polishing arm, robotic welding arm and 5-axis machine.


In addition to processing a variety of materials, the facility is specialized for maximum production flexibility, where through the use of automation, individual machines are capable of producing a variety of components for any type of product, be it a single customized item or an entire range of products – all under one roof, creating limitless manufacturing possibilities.

& Innovation

All our ingenuity begins in our Technology & Innovation Center, where new 
trends, designs, and materials are constantly being explored. We then 
focus on applying our innovation to our range of products, ensuring that 
they meet the diverse needs of our expanding customer base. It is this 
innovation that allows us to evolve our product offerings and maintain our 
position as pioneers in category of furniture and interior design.


In order to ensure quality and long-term reliability, all raw timber wood and logs are carefully examined and filtered; the highest quality wood being placed in the seasoning plant. Here it is filled with the ideal amount of moisture content, after which it is preserved to prevent deformation and infestation. This seasoned wood then goes on to be used in our durable range of home & office furniture, kitchens, doors, wardrobes and more.

Total Area: 20,781 ft2


Equipped with a combination of automatic and manual CNC machinery, the board section is where material is cut and altered with precision to become a part of our final products. Besides automatic and manual cutting, the board section also includes pressing processes including Formica and veneer making, stitching, pressing and sanding. Each process is carried out as per the customer’s living and/or work space requirements, which makes our products fully customizable to their needs. Products are later transferred to the press section where adhesives aid in giving the surface board a smoother and cleaner look.

Total Area:

Board Section = 20,081 ft2

Press Section = 17,526 ft2


CNC Machine

Cutting Machine

Veneer Pressing

Membrane Pressing


After being crafted and assembled to perfection, our wooden goods are sent to the polishing section where they through several polishing processes such as sealer, lacquer, staining, UC coating line and Cefla line. Our UV coating machine preserves the natural look of the wood while also enhancing it to prevent sun damage while our customized lacquer room technology ensures that no spray particles mix with the air due to our reused water flow and air filtrating roof. Sustainability is also an important part of our polishing process. Water-based finishes not only result in products that have shinier and smoother textures but also reduces water wastage due to reuse facility.

Carpentry & Assembly

Keeping in mind the function, style and quality of products, the upholstery section provides the basic material, fabric and tacks required for to the design. Furthermore it provides sitting furniture with springs, padding and fabric/leather/leatherette covers. Interwood’s Upholstery sector consists of a leather/fabric/leatherette cutting machine, quilted fabric waste-foam cutting machine, foam cutting machine and a line of 15 stitching machines.


Products that are crafted with careful consideration must be stored with equal care, which is why warehousing is an integral part of our process. Ranging from 5,000 to 43,000 square feet, we have four warehouses (in Lahore and Karachi) that ensure availability and readiness of all our goods. Products are transported by road, rail and sea; moreover we use green ways of transportation by using natural gas in our trucks and also develop opportunities for lower emission options. This is also made simple through the use of SAP technology that enables operational processes to take place in an effective manner. All products are carefully placed in a layer of tissue packing with specially designed cardboard edges to suit each product’s shape and are wrapped in highdensity gaper to minimize dust and heat exposure while in storage and transit.