Since its inception in 1974, Interwood is today a household name and Pakistan’s most trusted furniture brand. Starting out as a small workshop in Lahore manufacturing small furniture items, Interwood quickly expanded nationwide, offering an unmatched range of high-quality home & office furniture, designer kitchens, customizable doors, wardrobes and much more. Today, the brand’s network of flagship showrooms spans across the entire country, offering customers a wide range of beautifully-designed, reliable and affordable furniture. Interwood continues to cement its reputation as a global furniture trendsetter by constantly researching and developing new designs while collaborating with international designers.


With a legacy stemming from the corporate world, Interwood today lends its world-class furnishing solutions to hundreds of offices, businesses and institutions across Pakistan, catering to various sectors such as corporations, banks, schools, hospitals, residential complexes, luxury homes, airports, hotels, retail outlets and much more. Interwood has also furnished several full-scale projects in Europe, U.S., Middle East and more.


To inspire everyone for a better


Becoming the global lifestyle
trendsetter, loved by all at home
and at the workplace


Love For Customers (Service, Respect, Agility)
Re-Imagine (Growth, Innovation, Automation)
Transparency (Honesty, Openness, Accountability) Collaboration (Connection, Empowerment)


Excellence is a result of relentless drive for perfection. We aim to provide our customers and employees with an experience they treasure for a lifetime. Our idea of success is to become a company that believes in empowering its employees and provides comfort, convenience and better quality of life to its customers and become the leading manufacturing concern in all the categories of furniture, kitchen, doors, wardrobes and other furnishing solutions. It is our core values that we treasure and employ along our path that helps us grow stronger by the decade. We at Interwood believe firmly in our values and we stretch ourselves to stand by them. Which are;