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04th June 2024 – In the wake of its 50 year celebration, Pakistan’s most trusted furniture brand,
Interwood, launched a mega Price Drop nationwide, offering customers significantly reduced prices on
its range of home & office furniture, kitchens, doors and wardrobes. This initiative is part of Interwood’s
ongoing vision and commitment to make its global-standard furniture affordable and accessible to
customers all across the country. This is particularly pertinent in today’s volatile economic situation,
where inflation is steadily driving up the price of goods and services while limiting consumers’ spending
Interwood was able to achieve this remarkable price reduction without compromising on its product
quality, variety or profit margins. Instead, the legacy brand relied entirely on innovation, technology and
ingenuity to optimize its manufacturing processes to drive down costs. Essentially, it means boosting
production capacity by producing a higher volume of products in less time with the same resources,
which brings down the unit cost of each product. These savings are then passed on to customers in the
form of significantly down marked prices, some dropping as low as 50% of the original price. It is even
able to achieve this with the added benefit of free delivery & installation, offering a one-window
solution to customers across Pakistan. “Our customers are everything to us. Everything we do is
centered around ensuring that we provide them with the best quality and value. This Price Drop is a
testament to that and we will constantly find new ways to serve them better” says Ali Farooq (Director
Sales & Marketing, Interwood).
At the heart of Interwood’s success lies its 600,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Lahore. This
modern marvel is one of Asia’s largest furniture manufacturing plants, housing over 300 of Europe’s
most advanced machines. This facility includes fully automated technology such as robotic welding
arms, polishing arms, roller coating conveyers, a 5-axis machine and more. “Innovation is the future”,
says Omar Farooq (CEO, Interwood). “If you do not learn to embrace it, your business will be left
behind”. Once optimized, machines and processes work together through seamless digital integration to
increase output and reduce wastage, ultimately lowering individual unit costs – that too, without any
compromise on quality and consistency. This is not only an outstanding milestone for Interwood but also
a monumental benefit to customers and the country at large. It is also holds significant benefits for
architects and large-scale builders that are looking to reduce costs while maintaining quality. Not only
can they avail Interwood’s quality and mass-scale capabilities, they can now also do so while saving
significantly on their total project cost.
As a proud Pakistani brand, Interwood has consistently prided itself on challenging its own capabilities
and providing superior products and value to its growing customer base. This latest Price Drop initiative
reflects this dedication and exemplifies why it has earned it the title of Pakistan’s most trusted furniture
brand. Today, Interwood’s trusted furnishing solutions can be found in countless homes across the
Nation as well as in sectors such as educational institutions, hospitals, airports, hospitality, residential
complexes, retail fit outs and much more.